Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Swift Biz Mentorship!
    • A Swift Welcome!
    • Important Info on How To Use This Platform
    • Your Very Own Swift Biz Workbook
  • 2
    Systems to Streamline
    • Systemise It!
    • ACTIVITY: Get Your Time Back!
    • You Need To Increase Your Prices!
    • Determining Full Capacity (& What To Do Next)
    • ACTIVITY: Automate Client Onboarding Process
  • 3
    Scale Your Biz
    • Scale Your Service
    • Launching Your First Program
    • Do You Want an Employee or Contractor?
    • ACTIVITY: Determine Your Key Criteria Before Hiring
    • How to Onboard + Manage Your Staff
    • WORKSHEET: Create Clear Staff Roles + Project
    • Transition Clients from You To Your Staff